Wall of many different types of websites shown as thumbnails.It’s 2014 and unless you have been hiding in a cave or stranded on a desert island, you have probably experienced, in some way, the power of the Internet. Perhaps you’ve been purchasing from Amazon.com, chatting with friends on Facebook, rocking email accounts, or running a small business. Now, you want to take your online skills to the next level. White Glove Web Training was created for you. If you are a small business owner, a person with a message to share, or just someone who has heard that money can be made online, you may not realize that business on the Internet, while maturing, is still in many ways the Wild, Wild, West. And like those grabbing the opportunities in the Old West, whether homesteading land or mining for gold, you have your chance to stake your claim online. So you may be asking:

  1. Do I have to be a computer geek to do this?
  2. What does my Internet Real Estate Claim look like?
  3. And, How do I get started?

The good news is that never has it been easier to build your online business, but beware of those who treat getting online as a get rich quick scheme and something so easy it requires no thought or effort. As with most things in life, you still have to work to make your online business and success AND if done without thought or effort leads itself to issues ranging from a hacked site and lost opportunity to security breaches that actually lose revenue.

It’s 2015 – are you ready to build your online business?

So How Do You Do It Right?

Invest in Learning and Grow Your Skills Today! At White Glove Training, you will find…

Courses for Your Level at Your Pace

We provide courses for absolute beginners taking you from start to finish building your own website and then support you as you grow into more advanced topics.

Help Forums

Unlike courses that provide nothing more than a series of videos, our courses include support from live instructors answering questions and helping you get to the next step.

Live Help Sessions

We also provide live help sessions and Q and A forums during the year.